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AVIATIONEU Training Systems & Services Single Member P.C. derives from Eurowings Aviation Training Services Single Member P.C., (Eurowings ATS). The latter was founded in March 2014 in Athens, Greece to gradually take over theoretical knowledge instruction and flight training services for JAR FCL1 Private Pilot License (PPL(A) - SE(A) Class) and Night Qualification VFR provided by Eurowings Aviation and Consulting Ltd. but also to develop new services in aviation and other fields. The two companies formed Eurowings Group of Companies.

In December 2015 an application has been filed with Hellenic Civil Aviation Authortity (HCAA) for the licensing of Eurowings ATS to operate 
as an Approved Training Organisation in accordance with EU Regulations (Part ORA).

As a result of our new marketing strategy to build a strong brand name for our Group companies AVIATIONEU (indicating AVIATION IN EUROPE) has been selected to be used for the company titles, trademarks and domain names replacing the older EUROWINGS. AVIATIONEU highlights both our Group strategy to offer quality and competitive services addressing the needs of different segments of the Aviation market and the geographical dimension of our Group companies.

Operating with the new distictive title AVIATIONEU TRAINING SYSTEMS & SERVICES current company activities include:

Theoretical Knowledge Training Services for LAPL(A) and PPL(A) Pilot Licenses, 
Organisation and implementation of Foundation Training Courses for the development of knowledge and skills in the aviation and other sectors, 
Training Software, 
Consulting Services.

This Web Site provides an overview of the company infrastructures and services. For more information on AVIATIONEU GROUP OF COMPANIES you can visit our Web Portal www.aviationeu.com.

We thank you for visiting our Web Site and we will be happy to respond to any further inquiries.